Tools Integration & Planning (TIP) Service

Enhanced business process approaches, such as Model-Based System Processes (MBSP), Pattern-Based System Processes (PBSP), or Intelligence-Based System Processes (IBSP) are “naturals” for enabling using tools and information systems. What tools or systems are implied? Do they already exist? How can the information systems and tools already in use by your enterprise be used in these future business processes? What are the risks, and how can they be countered?

The Tool Integration & Planning (TIP) Service addresses these issues. Experienced staff from ICTT System Sciences will work with your staff, information technologists and planners, and tool suppliers to plan the “tools and automation” aspect of this journey.

Special care has been taken to package MBSP, PBSP, and IBSP so that they can be supported by a wide variety of third party commercial tools and information systems. This begins with the licensed ICTT Metamodel assets, including maps for information schema to enable each of the popular commercial tools. It also includes business process scenario/use case analysis of the views, transactions, reports, and documents to be used in a business process configured for your enterprise.

ICTT System Sciences, as a supplier of methodologies and professional services, is not a tool product company. As a “neutral broker” in this environment, ICTT System Sciences can provide recommendations on how to “supercharge” each of the available tools and information systems to perform MBSP, PBSP, and IBSP.


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