Pattern-Driven Improvement ™ (PDI) Service

Efforts such as Uncover the Pattern (UTP) result in powerful new explicit enterprise Patterns (configurable, re-usable “Models”) describing your organization’s families of products, internal systems, business processes, markets, technologies, or other complex system families. This sets the stage for dramatic improvement in the speed, performance, and quality of business processes, such as new product or system specification, development, or deployment, as well as improved learning across the organization.

That’s where Pattern-Driven Improvement™ (PDI) comes in. PDI is a service of ICTT System Sciences, to help you evolve and execute a powerful new form of your targeted business process: The “harvesting” or exploitation of these Patterns in improving the performance of the former process.

Whether in the context of a specific system project or an overall infrastructure enhancement program, PDI will help you plan, specify, and implement the business processes and information systems necessary to repeatedly “harvest” your enterprise Patterns. Skilled specialists from ICTT Systems Sciences work as members of your team to establish or improve these processes, as well as to apply them on specific system projects.

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PDI enables complex systems capabilities for these System Processes: