Value Engineering-Analysis Models & Patterns (VE-AMP) Service

Value Engineering (VE) is an established approach to improving the focus of system designs on the priority values of the system stakeholders—whether they are system owners, users, operators, maintainers, or others. Value Engineering has a venerable history over many decades of applications across many industries, technologies, and applications. 

The analysis called for by the VE process can be aided through the use of Models and Patterns, from the techniques of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Pattern-Based Systems Engineering (PBSE). Among the impacts of these techniques are:

None of this is a matter of disrespect of Value Engineering as a well-established process fulfilling a vital need. To address these challenges, ICTT System Sciences offers the Value Engineering-Analysis Models & Patterns (VE-AMP) Service. This service produces the traditional Value Engineering outputs, but uses advanced techniques developed for complex systems applications. These include Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Pattern-Based Systems Engineering (PBSE), and Intelligence-Based Systems Engineering (IBSE)

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