Process Analysis & Recommendation (PAR) Service

Do your enterprise business processes deal with the planning, specification, development, fabrication, integration, production, validation, verification, sales & distribution, maintenance, support, and evolution of complex systems? If so, the effectiveness of these processes may break down as the systems they address become more complex or change at a faster pace.

ICTT System Sciences offers the Process Analysis & Recommendation (PAR) Service to help you analyze your processes and point out opportunities for improvement. This includes opportunities to initially use or improve upon Model-Based Business Processes (MBBP), Pattern-Based Business Processes (PBBP), or Intelligence-Based Business Processes (IBBP) in your enterprise.

ICTT System Sciences staff members will work with your organization to review existing processes, goals, and challenges. Analyzing the situation and opportunities, a set of recommendations will be delivered to achieve your goals for future improvement.

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